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August 14, 2014

The Haunted Bridge

In the town of Avon, Indiana there is a bridge that said to be haunted. The railroad bridge was constructed across the White Lick Creek in the 1850s. Cement was mixed in large narrow vats and then hardened into the form of a pylon. As the story goes, or at least one of them, one afternoon while working on the bridge, a platform collapsed and a worker plunged into the vat. He slowly sank down into the bottom of the vat, his fellow workers trying in vain to reach him in time. It is said that they could hear him knocking from the inside of the vat. The company not wanting to begin again, decided to continue building the pylon rather than tear it down and retrieve the body. When the bridge was completed and even during the last phases of construction, and for many years afterward, many have claimed to hear knocks and screams from inside the pylon. The legend of Avon’s Haunted Bridge has been around for generations. Different rumors run rampant, but in general, people agree that if you go near the old bridge at night, you will hear a moaning, discontented ghost. The haunted bridge in Avon is still a functional railroad crossing, servicing the CSX Railroad, and is regularly visited by residents and guests hoping to hear a whisper, a sound, or some other mysterious noises emanating from the site.