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August 11, 2014

The Babushka Lady

Though the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has generated numerous amounts of questions and skepticism concerning the authenticity of the official account, the Babushka Lady is one element that doesn’t even have an official explanation for skeptics to question. A number of films and photographs documenting the Kennedy assassination depict what appears to be an elderly woman wearing a headscarf typically worn by old Russian women. This led to some people calling her the Babushka woman. She had been holding a camera while the assassination took place. Throughout the investigation, authorities attempted to track down the woman, but had no success. She never came forward to testify about what she saw, nor did the film she may have shot ever surface. Imagine what clues it might have uncovered. There certainly have been numerous conspiracy theories about the JFK killing, and even some about the identity of the Babushka Lady. Her identity remains unknown to this day.