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August 29, 2014

Shifting Sands

In this world of shifting sands, one finds it difficult to find the proper place to stand; if one should even stand at all. Everything is changing, re-arranging. What was so solid yesterday is dissolving now; crumbling into pieces. That which was unimaginable then is now the new normal, if there even is such a thing as normal now. I don’t know, perhaps there never was a normal. Maybe normal was just an idea, a concept, or if it did exist, it existed in a form that we romanticized until it was more to our liking. Whatever it was, it was swept away by the tidal wave of change, of speaking the party line and not rocking the boat. The old way has given way to the new way. It has always been this way through time and will continue to be as long as we walk the surface of the earth. We find a place, and then the ground below us falls beneath our feet. We can either adapt or turn a blind eye.