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July 21, 2014

The Strange Case of Ed Delahanty

Ed Delahanty was a baseball player and was considered one of the game’s earliest power hitters. Delahanty once hit four home runs in a game, a remarkable achievement, but that is not how he is remembered. Delahanty mysteriously died in 1903 when his body was swept over Niagara Falls. If you have not been to Niagara Falls, you really must go. It is an incredible sight to see. I was only twelve years old when I went with my parents on a camping trip and it still stays with me to this day. Anyway, it is said that he was kicked off a train for being drunk and disorderly. After being put off the train, he started to make his way across the International Bridge. Evidently, he fell or may have even jumped off the bridge being in a confused state of mind. Whether he died from his plunge over the falls, or drowned on the way to the Falls is unknown, it does not matter. He was found dead nonetheless. Was it the result of an accident that was fueled by alcohol, or perhaps it was a suicide as some have suggested? It may even have possibly been a murder. Reports from a few ‘witnesses’ had circulated that a mysterious figure had been following him but this could not be confirmed.