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July 9, 2014

Good and Bad

It is ironic how terrible things that happen to us sometimes become most fortunate events, and the fortunate events turn out to be not such good things after all. I know several people who were laid off their jobs due to downsizing or whatever they call it nowadays. They went on to better jobs; jobs that they were much happier in. There has also been times when it seemed like a good thing had happened, but it soon soured. Of course there are times when the fortunate is truly fortunate, and the unfortunate remains so. But there are so many cases when one thing turns out to be another. Maybe it has something to do with our nature. We become jaded, or bored and we don’t look at something the same way anymore. Or depending on the situation, we adjust and accept. Man has a knack for never being satisfied. The man with ten million dollars wants eleven million. Enough is not enough. Contentedness comes hard for most people. We always want more and once we get that, we want even more. The desire is insatiable. It is like drinking a glass of salt water in an effort to quench your thirst. The thirst only becomes worse. To be content in life is one of the greatest things one can accomplish, and one of the hardest.