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July 11, 2014


If we could only learn how to control ourselves, we would be much better off. We often spend so much time trying to control others in various forms of relationships, we neglect our efforts to control ourselves. We let ourselves go to everyone’s detriment. It is inevitable that when we get out of control, there are going to be problems. If we really want to find harmony and peace, we have to learn how to restrain ourselves from getting out of control. The hardest part perhaps is knowing when we are out of control. At the time, we usually don’t think of ourselves in that state. Others can sometimes see it, but we do not; and we do not want someone telling us we are. Like the person who has had too much to drink, yet insist on driving home; fully believing that we are competent enough to get behind the wheel. Such thinking leads to accidents, some of which cannot be mended easily. It does not even have to be so dramatic. We can be reckless with many things. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we are out of control. We spiral dangerously towards unfortunate consequences. The truth is that even though it is hard to reign ourselves in sometimes, it is even harder to control another. We can’t force them to think the way we think, or act the way we want them to act. Orson Welles said that "You only want love on your own terms; something to be played your way, according to your rules". The problem is that everyone else wants to play by their own rules too.