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May 30, 2014

The Power Of The Moon

Fascinated that the moon can control the tides? We’ve thought for years that when there is a full moon, people behave more, let’s say, strangely. Just how much does the moon affect us? Well, there are some scientists out there who claim there is no relationship at all between people’s behavior and the moon. Here are a few examples of some beliefs:

Fertility where it is widely believed that the moon has a relationship with it due to the corresponding human menstrual cycle, which averages 28 days. However, no connection between lunar rhythms and menstrual onset has been conclusively shown to exist, and the similarity in length between the two cycles is most likely coincidental, so the ‘experts’ say.

It is said that surgeons used to refuse to operate on the full moon because of the increased risk of death of the patient through blood loss due to lunar ‘complications’.

Two studies found evidence that those with mental disorders generally exhibit periods of increased violent or aggressive episodes during the full moon but of course another study disagreed with that finding.

Then, there’s a reported correlation between moon phase and the number of homicides. But, there is no statistical data to prove that out either.

So what is the truth? Like so many other things, for every supporting piece of data, there is another one to discredit it, so it looks like it is up to our own judgment as to whether we believe lunar phases really do affect us.