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March 23, 2014

Motorcycle Mania

Yes, there is something romantic about motorcycles. I’m talking about the powerful rev of an engine, the freedom one feels when riding it, the rebel spirit it may bring to you and upon others. Sure, they may sound like clich├ęs, but they ring with truth. However, like many romances, it often ends up in tragedy. My romance with them had been dampened through the years by accidents friends have had while riding. One friend went through the back glass of a hatchback, another lost his legs running into the rear of a tractor trailer truck, another suffered a broken neck after falling off and getting run over by his friend, also riding a motorcycle. It is a dangerous mistress indeed. I gave up riding some time ago and I still miss my bike to this day. Through it all, the fire never extinguishes totally, the lure never goes away entirely; just you and your bike flying down the highway. It is hard to find a feeling better than that.