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March 14, 2014


There was once a student who attempted to remain pure and unattached to anything. He was quite a good musician growing up and enjoyed playing. He played a beautiful flute, and made the sweetest of music on the shamisen. He was praised by all for his musical talent. He was distressed by his enjoyment of music however,and vowed never to play again as he felt this would compromise his ability to remain pure. As the years passed, he found himself with time between his meditation periods and he began to draw and then paint. This helped pass the time and he liked being creative. The other students and his master marveled at his artwork and he received many compliments. He once again became concerned and gave up painting. Years later, while walking through the forest, he was struck with the urge to write about its beauty, so he wrote a poem. In fact, he began writing several poems and people enjoyed reading them and he liked writing them. However, once again this troubled him and he stopped writing his poetry. When he told the master about how he had stopped writing poetry, painting, and playing music because he did not want to become attached to them, the master said “Perhaps you are attached to being non-attached” and walked away.