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September 24, 2013


I’ve had the chance to travel the world and it is always exciting to go to a new and distant place. I remember being small and traveling just a few blocks from my home. My friends and I would walk or ride our bicycles to an area of town just a short distance away from home, but it seemed to me like we were traveling a great distance; away from the familiar to a new and exciting place even though in reality we were just minutes away from home. I don’t know whether kids still feel that way these days in this world, but that feeling and those memories still stay with me today for some reason. The world was much smaller and innocent in those days, or at least it seemed that way. Today we get where we are going much faster, but have less time to spare. The novelty has perhaps worn off, the victim of too many airports and drab hotel rooms, invasive security measures, and airlines that care more about profit and less about passengers. Today, I’m quite content just to stay home and work in the gardens. You can find the Dao anywhere, you do not need to travel for it.