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July 11, 2013

What's Your View?

You can have a beautiful hut situated overlooking a rushing river or you could have one that looks out upon a majestic mountain. Yet despite the accommodations, it is not the hut that enacts change, it is the mind that is inside the hut. A hut is not even needed. A small corner of a bedroom or living room will have the power of a Himalayan cave high up in the snowy mountains. Sitting on the sofa or your favorite chair and letting all things be calm is enough. The peace you find at the top of a mountain is the same peace you could have found at the bottom of the mountain. One does not find peace in the external, but internally, within the mind. Man most often fails to realize this and sets off on a fruitless journey across town or across the continents looking for something or somebody to give him tranquility. The peace that is found in a retreat is like sand slipping through your fingers. Soon enough, you are back where you were. Only by tapping into the spring of peace within can you not run dry.