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July 2, 2013

The History of History

I am always amused when I hear someone say on the television, “We are seeing history”, or muse about some event being historic. Well, anything that happens becomes history or historic. There is nothing significant about that. What is different is that some history is more noteworthy and likely to be remembered than other kinds. In our own lives, we have certain things that stand out from the past. They may be trivial, silly things to others, but they are historic to us. Another thing about history, it isn’t always the truth. For thousands of years, history has been embellished, whitewashed, or twisted into some kind of lie. Go through any child’s history book and you will find things that are not quite the truth. These days, many people want to rewrite history to paint a more favorable portrait of things or to push a social agenda. Military history is full of people who died ‘heroic’ deaths, when in reality, they may have not been so heroic. History does not make an accurate portrayal of the way things were back then than the print or electronic media does these days in presenting the truth. That is one thing you can admire about the Dao. It is all true.