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June 10, 2013

Changing Form

We recently added a new addition to our family. His name is Ebenezer and he is a five year old Shih-Tzu. He was a stray and we got him at the local animal shelter. He has been with us for two days now and the little fellow is adapting quite well. He is pleasant and very affectionate. In most cases, a dog from the shelter adapts quickly to its new owner, new surroundings, new bed, and everything else that goes with moving to a new home. Before long your new friend, is wagging their tail and wanting to be with you. I say somewhat sarcastically that I do not know if this is to be ridiculed or admired. All they want is someone to love and someone to love them and take care of them. They adapt to change quite quickly. That is something we can learn. The Dao does not stand still. Verse 32 of the TTC tells us this; do not get attached to forms for the forms are always changing. Everything is in constant flux. If we can learn from our furry friend the ability to adapt quickly to circumstances, our chances for happiness are far better.