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May 28, 2013


In following the path, it is of utmost importance that we respect all things under the Dao. Respect is something that is dwindling in today’s world. We used to respect politicians, lawyers, and other public figures without question. We may have disagreed with them but they were still respected. Now, not so much. Of course a great deal of the loss of respect has been self-inflicted in their case. People used to have a greater respect for each other too. Now people not worthy of much respect demand it, those who should have it do not. In Eastern cultures, older people are respected greatly. Here, they are usually shown the door of the nearest retirement or nursing home when they reach a certain time of their lives. Respect is the great fabric woven into the cloth of society that holds it together and keeps it from dissolving into chaos. Unfortunately, this fabric is slowly disappearing and the cloth is unraveling day by day.