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May 23, 2013

A Longing

We may often find ourselves longing for an age, an age that most likely never existed except in our hearts. A time when all was right with the world, or at least the world we knew. This age if it ever really existed at all, slowly is exposed to storm and it is beaten down and washed away never to be seen again except in fuzzy memories of what once was or what was once imagined. All things change under the Dao. Some changes we welcome, some we are unaware of, and some we accept with clenched teeth. What is painful we come to forget or sand away the edges so that it is not so sharp any longer. What we cherished becomes exalted and perhaps exaggerated, but we cling to those memories as a man may cling to the side of a cliff in desperation. We must deal with what is in front of us and adapt to the changing tides. We can do this and still warmly remember the oceans of our past.