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August 8, 2012


The greatest act of wisdom can be to shed a piece of knowledge each day. Knowledge makes us mentally muscle bound. We know so much that we do not know much of anything. So much of knowledge passes for wisdom. Wisdom is the straw that stirs the drink. Knowledge may be a tool, but wisdom is knowing how to use that tool and discarding any tools that are unnecessary. We are filled with useless information from the time we enter school until the time we leave and beyond. Useless information that clutters our mind, and causes us to become weighed down by it. The teachings tell us to pare down and simplify. Live a simple life of virtue and harmony will be by your side wherever you roam. The man who clutches a sack of gold will drown in a shipwreck. The man who takes only a few nuggets, just what he needs, will survive to see another day.