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August 7, 2011

Sun Is Tao, Tao Is Sun

Once a student asked, "What is Tao?" The master said, "What is that which rises and sets each day?" The student replied, "Sun". The master said, "Yes, that is what Tao is." Tao rises and sets, yet it is always there even when we do not see it. Our understanding of Tao can also rise and set as can our practice of following it. The sun is always moving in the sky even though it may seem imperceptible from moment to moment. We must be careful not to get burned by the sun. It can be warm and nourishing, but if we ignore it, we can become hurt by it. Many people are hurt by Tao because they do not understand it or choose to ignore it. If we only paid attention to it, we could learn from it and find ourselves in harmony with the universe.

Sun is Tao, moon is Tao, stars are Tao, all is Tao. Every time you see the sun, you see Tao. Every breeze that rattles the leaves on the trees is Tao. People try to interpret old texts. If they paid attention to the rain, and the wind, and the snow, there would be no need to try to interpret dated words. All you need to know is what is around you. Learn to read these letters and you will have all you need.

-Excerpt from talk July 21, 2011 by Roshi Hogan, Sarasota, Florida