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August 20, 2011


When you sit in meditation, you sit with the universe. All the billions and billions of things out there and you are one with them. I was thinking of this the other day when I was sitting in my truck waiting to pick someone up from their workplace. I looked over at the interstate. All those cars, buses, and trucks going by. Some people going to work, some coming home, some coming on vacation, some leaving, and a million points in between and in each one of these vehicles a person. A person different from anyone else in the world. Think of all the different lives these people live. Some rich, some poor, some happy, some sad. Imagine if you can all these differences. We see it each day, people who seem to radically different. Yet, we are all connected by the thread of Tao. Some of us aware of it, others not so. When we sit quietly, we can bridge the dividers and rest upon the commonality of life itself.