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June 8, 2011


Surrealism was an art movement in the 1920s, which developed especially from dada, characterized by the evocative combination of incongruous images in order to include unconscious and dream elements. Salvador Dali was the most famous of the great surrealistic painters through self-promotion if nothing else. These types of paintings did not make much sense to most who viewed them for they had no basis for understanding them.

Life sometimes seems to be surreal. It can occasionally border on the absurd. The Tao Te Ching states that things should remain within their ranges and not go to one extreme or another. Yet, we know that this happens from time to time. That is when we must remember the yin and yang of all things. The chic may be tomorrow’s garage sale items, but next week’s retro cool. By having this wisdom, we know that extremes do not last. Downpours do not last all day. The sun will come out again.