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June 6, 2011


Fauvism is a style of painting that one of a group of French painters prominent from 1905, including Henri Matisse, Maurice De Vlaminck, and Andre Derain did. It was characterized by the use of bright colors and simplified forms. The word fauve translated roughly into ’wild beast’. The phrase was coined by one unadmiring critic. The Fauvists were criticized for their bold colors and unrealistic visual forms. The Fauves were not afraid to be different.To walk the path of the Tao requires us to be different. We should live boldly, yet we should make no obvious attempt to do so. To follow the way of the Tao invites critiques of our ways. We should ignore these slings and arrows and simply find solace in the Tao and the inner peace and wisdom we are cultivating. Color outside the lines.