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May 27, 2011

Dead Man's Treasure

What good is a dead man’s treasure to a dead man? You cannot take it with you. All that hoarding and greed that may have brought treasure and for what? I once had a grandfather who had a couple of hundred thousand dollars in the bank. You would not know it by his house. He lived in a rundown old place that looked like a candidate for a This Old House remodeling project.. He ate beans for dinner. His car was a Ford Fairlane out of the 1950’s. It is fine to be careful with one’s money but being too cheap is not good either. Everything in moderation, everything in balance according to Tao. He died and his children inherited the money and went through it very quickly on wasteful purchases. All his saving for nothing. All that depriving himself and his wife of things for nothing. The Tao is about balance and so should our lives. Not too little, not too much. These days, I sometimes think of that old car that sat in his garage and wonder what happened to it. I would very much like to have it.