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March 29, 2011

Remaining Calm

A disciple once asked a master how the master was able to remain calm. The master said, “I am older than you young one. My eyes are older, my thoughts. What is new becomes old and then new once more. Seasons comes and go. The trees lose their leaves and then grow new ones. They are different leaves, yet very much the same. Your eyes are newer, seeing many things for the first time. Your thoughts are fresh, things are exciting. Some may think that aging takes away some of the excitement of life and this is true. However that excitement is replaced by a sense of calm, a sense of familiarity. This is rewarding in its own way. We see the cycles of Tao, learn from them. There will come a day when you too when experience this feeling. It is what keeps the mountain from crumbling, the waves from churning. It is what grants the mind the ability to remain easy and calm like the waters of the Tao.