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March 26, 2011

Real Gold

To stay on the path, you must stay away from what glitters. There is gold and there is fool’s gold. Many people do not know the difference and mistake the fake for the real. Some people believe themselves to be millionaires when they are really paupers. Know what things contain true value. People seek material wealth when they should be looking for spiritual wealth. They wish to fill their pockets with a piece of gold when it would be wiser to fill themselves instead with peace of mind. There is always a road available to you. Even if you leave the path, know that it is always available to you. You can find it again. It never hides from anyone. There is an old joke about the New England farmer who tells a tourist “you can’t get there from here.“ That is not the case with Tao. The Tao is real gold and priceless. Seek what is real and stay on the path.