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March 14, 2011

Michael Jordan vs. Father Time

Just recently, there was a reuniting of the Chicago Bulls 1990-91 NBA championship team. Several players expressed that they could not believe that 20 years had passed since they won. The star of the team Michael Jordan said, “For us to reunite and tell old stories brings back a lot of great memories. I wish we could turn the clock back. That's how I feel. Father Time is coming, touches everybody. I miss it.” Yes, time does touch everyone. The seconds, days, years tick away. We all change. We cannot do the things we used to do. We have ailments, perhaps we do not see as well anymore. That is the aging process and the passage of time. But what in the universe is not touched by time? The tallest mountain crumbles away slowly. The hardest stone is washed away by the unyielding water. Human beings of course age more noticeably. We are powerful in many things but are powerless to stop the passing of time. Even Michael Jordan cannot defeat such a powerful opponent as time.