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January 27, 2011

True and Flowing

The Tao is true and flows no matter. The consequence of making unwise choices are an unpleasant destiny. We throw a ball against a wall and the ball returns. We make good choices and good results return to us. If we make bad choices, bad results will return. When all the paths we walk seem dark and crooked, remember that the way runs true and straight through the deepest of darkness, through the most complex maze. It lights the way through shadow, sees through walls. Neither darkness or shadow should be cause for despair. Is it not the colors that blind the eyes, the flavors that dull the palette, the sound of our own desperation that deafens the ears? The person who is one with the Tao is guided not by what they see, hear, or taste, but by what they feel. When the senses are muddled and overcome, it is the deepest of feelings that keep us on the path, help us to make good decisions, and guides us toward a destiny that is tranquil.