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January 2, 2011

A Grain Of Sand

If you go to the beach, you will find millions of grains of sand. If you had a microscope you would see that each one is different from one another even though on the surface they look the same. All these millions and millions of grains make up a beach, no one any more important than another. Each one exists tranquilly and united. Names and concepts only block perception of this oneness. Therefore it is wise to ignore them. We accept blue as blue even though in reality, there is no such thing as blue. It is merely a term of convenience. Grains of sand do not know they are called grains of sand nor do they care. If we did not care about names, reputations, or status, we could abide in peace like all the grains. In Verse 41 of my one sentence Tao Te Ching, I note that we should not aim to be a grain of sand. This however speaks to the notion of conformity and not oneness. Whether you like it or not, you are a grain of sand on that beach. You are no more important than the one next to you no matter how much you possess, what title you have, or how many friends you have. Your ego tells you that you are, but this is not so.