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January 13, 2011

Freedoms Or Prisons

The mind is free to create its own freedoms or prisons, its own superstitions and beliefs. No belief or truth can be so unless we believe it to be. The mind can be powerful and move mountains or be weak and stopped by a breath of wind. We believe what we want to believe. Once, an American monk was asked by some Japanese counterparts if he was truly a monk. This troubled him since he had not gone through all the rituals that a monk from the East normally goes through. He asked his teacher who had ordained him and the teacher said that if he thought of himself as monk, he was a monk. He had thought himself a monk. If he had doubt or fear, he might not have thought himself to be a monk. He may have let negativity from others affect him. Mind is a very powerful property. How do you see yourself? Strive to do the best you can and then rest easy. Do not allow self doubts or doubts of others to plague you. Be the wild horse that runs free from negatives and seeks a greener pasture.