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December 5, 2010


When you have deep understanding of Tao, you cannot be thrown off balance. There are no curveballs coming your way, no hits from blindside, no ground falling away from you, no ice cracking and breaking and submerging you in ice cold water. You take things as they come. You live day to day, moment to moment, not lost in past or future. All we have is right now. Expectations melt away like snow on warm spring day. Fears drip like icicles and evaporate. We get cards dealt to us and play them to best of ability. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, sometimes we fold. Not every hand possible to be winning hand. We are like leaf floating on river. Over here, over there, but always on top of water, gliding along, not making futile fight upstream. To be thrown for loop shows understanding of Tao not satisfactory. To go down and bounce back up like child’s toy shows some understanding. To stand resolute like mighty mountain and take cold harsh winds calmly demonstrate deep understanding.