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December 29, 2010


If we got in spaceship and went straight up, where would we wind up? We would pass planets, stars, constellations. We have no reason to believe there is a limit to space. Most likely, one universe after another. That would make space infinite. There is no wall we know of anywhere. We would pass through the blue sky into the darkness of deep space. We would just keep going. When we ask complex questions about Tao or try to pin it down, we are on spaceship. Question like space, infinite. No definite answer exists. Human mind is finite. Finite mind cannot fathom infinite question. Even if answer exists many universes away, what good is it if we cannot get there now? of course, no matter where we go, there we are. Sometimes people try to escape problems by boarding spaceship, plane, or train. However, problems most diligent traveling companion. We cannot fly or run away from them when they have penetrated mind. Only way to shake them is by seeing into their true nature and dismantling them. Wisdom of ancients most useful tool to do this. Become skilled with tool and one becomes skilled at finding peace.