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December 7, 2010

The Lost Horizon

Recently watched 1937 movie classic “Lost Horizon” about an idyllic place in Himalayan Mountains. The place is called Shangri-La, a valley which is miraculously sheltered from the bitter cold. It is a place of great peace and co-existence. The contented inhabitants of Shangri-La are led by a mysterious individual called the High Lama.I will not go into too much more detail about the film itself, but I recommend this movie even though the film is dull in certain places.

One of the mantras of the rulers of Shangri-La is everything in moderation, including moderation. As Chang who is one of the leaders says, they rule with moderate strictness and in return expect moderate compliance by the people of Shangri-La. When we set absolutes, we make it difficult to follow them. If we seek perfection from others, we will surely be disappointed as we are if we were to expect it from ourselves. If we look for things in moderation, we are sure to find more success. If we wish to be moderately happy, it is ascertainable. If we seek happiness in the extreme, we are more likely to bring about a less than desired result. It is most conducive to learn to manage our expectations of others and our own self.