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December 30, 2010


The problem with birthdays is like strong liquor, they tend to impair our thinking. This is quite true. We are told we are too young to do something and later on we are told we are too old to do something. Sometime we tell ourselves these things. Of course there is some truth to it. A six year old should not drive a car and a ninety year old person would be wise not to snowboard. But there are so many things we do not do simply because of our age. Maturity often overrated. Maturity just another fence, a man made ideal. Maturity can come in handy at times, but other times it is a hindrance to enjoyment of life. Society often imparts pressures. Age dictates many things without society interfering. There is the big 3-0, or big 4-0, and gentle mercy on anyone turning 50 or older. There are days I feel many summers young, and days when I feel many winters old…brrr! We should always try to age gracefully and not take extreme steps in useless attempt to hold on to youth. Trees age, mountains age, everything ages. One advantage to aging I have found is the lessening of some desires. An attitude of ‘been there, done that’ is most handy. Birthdays are good for nice dinners out, and delicious cakes, but should not be taken too seriously nor let them impair us from enjoying life. There are young people that are old, and old people that are young. Words are words, and numbers are numbers. They have no intrinsic value. The only value they have is what we impart on them.