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November 8, 2010

Wild Horse Tao

The Tao is limitless. It knows no boundaries, no borders. It cannot be contained. It runs free like wild horses run plains. It extends far beyond what we can even imagine. Tao is the source of all. The more you use, the more there is to use. It is infinite, all powerful. When we understand the way of Tao, we see how limited man is in his quest for greatness and immortality. The Tao was here long before insignificant man, and will be here long after man has destroyed himself.

Best way to bring forth Tao from within is to let it flow naturally. You cannot force it, it is not ‘on-demand’. Tao is inside everyone but not everyone knows same. It seems some delight in preventing it from blossoming. Some people live for drama, crisis, and meanness in their lives and making others suffer. Yet even these people have the gentle beauty of Tao within them. It is most unfortunate that they choose unwise actions Those who cultivate Tao and become one with it let a steady stream of Tao consciousness come from the source of all.