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November 27, 2010

Twin Sisters

The mind is often ruled by the fear on non-conformity, being seen as an outcast or as an eccentric. It has been said that madness twin sister of genius. One sometimes mistaken for other. The madman is often the smartest person in room.

Why would you want people to understand you? If they can understand you, they can read you and then take advantage of same. Those who follow Tao are not understood. They are maybe seen as being mad when truth is they are quite ingenious. One can live life trying to please others or one can live trying to please themselves by indulging in wisdom of Tao.

Being a contrarian in this society takes courage, wisdom, and risk. However, rewards of doing same are bountiful. Most unfortunate to let mind be imprisoned by outside sources. All people have power to have free mind but overwhelming majority do not exercise such option. Let mind be like wild horse running free, not one fenced in by society. Do not be afraid to let genius show.