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November 4, 2010


A worker is known by his tools. A gardener for his rake and hoe. A carpenter for his hammer and nails. A painter for his brushes and canvases. Also too, how do they take care of these tools? Are they kept clean and in good working order? Are they carefully wiped off and put away when the work is done and put where they can be found quickly?

Just like these, a person of Tao is known for having the tools of same. Tools that come from the Tao Te Ching. The ones that come from the ancient masters, the ones they created and used themselves. Sometimes one may have the tools but without the wisdom to use them properly, they are useless. Tools gathering dust in an old shed can perform no job.

Similarly, to know a man, you can see who his friends are. How do they conduct themselves? Are they compassionate, caring, wise? Or are they self-centered, jealous, foolish, and deceitful? A person’s friends will tell you a great deal. Without even knowing the person in question well, you can see who and what they are.