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November 18, 2010


We are like a substance in the fact that when things are added to our base makeup, we can change into different things just as a chemical can change when it is added to or something is added to it. Some of these changes can be beneficial when good things are added. There can also be negative changes. We have to be careful about what is added to our individual substance.

There are poisons and toxins that can destroy us. Lesser potions can leave us struggling, depressed, and hopeless. They can take the energy out of us. Our positive chi can be negated or drastically reduced. This is what can happen when we interact with solutions that are not Tao like. They eat away at our base and cause unstableness. They create a substance that is lacking in value and un-pure.

It is very important that we are careful over what comes into contact with our substance. It is pure at birth but through a lifetime of living can become tarnished and polluted. We must seek alignment with Tao in order to help keep us fresh and untainted. It is what keeps our substance made up of the proper mixture.