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November 23, 2010


Interesting how many stimulants people need in life. Coffee, energy drinks, gambling, sex, and many others. It should be stimulating enough just to be here, alive and walking in this magical existence. There is enough natural stimulation in the universe to be more than sufficient. Yet, many seek artificial means of stimulation in error.

The artificial cannot be lasting because it is not of this universe. It is man-made, created by a flawed being who does not know that real stimulation comes from being one with Tao, being present in the moment, and enjoying all the treasures it offers. The artificial is like an icicle in spring, slowly shrinking and dripping onto the sidewalk and then in a fraction of a second, crashing down upon the sidewalk.

People crave false stimulants and then when they partake in them, they wonder why the good feeling they get quickly fades like color in cheap shirt after washing. If one wants to be stimulated, read the Tao Te Ching, wander through the forests, hike into the mountains; submerge yourself in nature.