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November 17, 2010


Sweetest of all harmony found in silent music of Tao. Yet, it is this harmony that can cause us to be out of step with society. Society demands we march to what if offers, anything else is eccentric. The next logical question then is what is normal? Most have the impression that normal means normal but it means only what occurs most often. It does not signify right or wrong anymore than a plastic plant signifies the moisture in soil.

It can be normal to do something but that does not mean it is wise. It was once normal to own slaves. Many behaviors or emotions are considered normal such as the partaking in intoxicants, the quest for more, more, more. Normal demands submission and denial of personal expression. A follower of Tao does not seek normalcy, in fact he or she may run away from such a concept. Why would anyone want to be normal, a face in the crowd, one sheep in a flock? To be free is to be free of demands of such things. Avoiding normalcy keeps us free from the pressures of society. It can sometimes be risky, scary, or lonely. However, these emotions are quickly overcome by the feeling of being in sync with Tao.