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November 25, 2010

No Beginning, No End

The Tao is about life and death, decay and renewal. Look around and you will see this is quite true. There is no avoiding it. Life is mother of death. Where there is existence of life, there is inevitability of death. This often troubles people and creates fear, but this should not be so. Why would one be afraid of what is natural? There is old saying: "Death is a black camel that kneels unbidden at every gate."

Until we die, we do not know that perhaps death is greatest joy. Perhaps we foolishly cling to life believing it gets no better than current existence. World of Tao is full of life and death. Things decay and then renew. A tree dies and gives new life. A raindrop falls to the ground from a cloud, a snowflake falls. Who can say what is better?

We often hear of closure but in universe of Tao, there is no closure, no beginning and no end. Just one journey after another after another. The circle remains unbroken. No finality. Just decay and renewal now and later. No need to fear, no need to cling. Perhaps we think we cannot adjust to next adventure, but we will. Do we have a choice?