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November 14, 2010


Miracles are not some kind of blinding revelation or act but in the everyday. You wake up, it is a miracle. You walk on this earth, it is a miracle. You breathe, you have opportunity to live in this world, another miracle. So many miracles that we overlook or brush off as mundane.

Some pray for a miracle at the expense of seeing all the ones in front of them. These miracles are present and in front of us each day. We should be so thankful for them, yet we ignore these wanting some other kind of miracle, not satisfied with what we have.

These miracles can come and go in the fall of a raindrop. It is only then when we might realize that we did not appreciate the miracles we had. Our very existence is precious yet we sometimes act as though it was a right and not a privilege. We complain about the trivial, worry about the superfluous, chase the meaningless.