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November 3, 2010

Empty Hands

We hear about The Way all the time in Taoism. Excuse please, but where is this Way? It is not found on map, GPS, or anywhere else. It defies definition. Perhaps this is because Way can only exist within confines of mind.

Student once asked master where Way was. Master replied by showing his empty hands. Student said “I don’t see anything.” “Exactly” replied the master.
The Way manifests itself and then disappears. It is here and then over there. Very difficult to pin down as shape always changing.

Once we find Way, we realize how easy it is to see it and wonder how we did not see it before.
The Way comes and goes like the tides of mighty ocean. Every tide different from the one that preceded it. Yet, if we walk into water on shore we are surrounded by it and it no longer makes much difference what form it has taken.