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November 21, 2010

Crystal Vision

The universe of Tao is deepest mystery that no great detective could solve. Man always wants to know everything yet cannot understand the simplest. He often cannot read the letters written in the snowfalls, the lessons of the raindrops, or the talks of the great sunlight. He stumbles around blindly making same mistakes that ancestors did.

Tao is mystical and it takes a crystal vision to see its ways. We can only have a crystal vision if we clear away all that blinds us; all that is an illusion, a deception. Most of these are created by man and are so prevalent that few even think twice about it.. Man creates his own religions so that he can be the master and rule over it and its followers.

One who accepts Tao knows that all questions can be answered by Tao even if we cannot decipher same. Some answers are such that human mind cannot grasp them and that precious time should not be spent contemplating great un-knowables to much depth. Most of things we need to know can be answered by nature and by paying attention. Understanding lessons of natural world would be most beneficial to human race.