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November 11, 2010

Are You Experienced?

We live but do we really experience? Are we not often bridge that stands still and watches water pass by us, then long for passed water? Are we not sometimes just by-standers in our own lives? This lack of involvement most troubling. Indifference or inability to experience must be righted.

How do we experience? It can come with an awakening of mind, deep breathing, mindfulness of the supposedly mundane. Mind awakens through practice of the teachings of Tao. Deep breathing stimulates the inner chi and creates positive energy while relaxing us. Being mindful during routine tasks sharpens focus and deepens experience of life.

Total experience means being an observer. Every step is with grace and intent, in tune with all things. It is time to experience and not just exist. Time to unlock the treasures of every day life, taking the ordinary and making it the extraordinary.