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November 4, 2010


Sometimes many people have difficulty understand abstract painting like the one shown here by de Kooning. They can stare for long period of time and not get understanding of it. As a result, these same people may make fun of painting. Having painted abstracts, I can personally attest to such. However, not understanding something does not make that something confused.

Artist understands painting. It comes from inside and presents itself in abstract form. To artist, painting is clear. Each stroke has meaning. Each color represents an idea or action. Tao is great deal like abstract painting. Many people do not understand and out of this ignorance comes attempts at humor.

Some people do not see enough into painting. Some look too deep into same. Only by being one with the canvas can we attain proper level of observation. Everyone has canvas that unique painting of Tao can manifest on. Every painting a masterpiece. Every artist in harmony. Tao is not understood by many yet it reigns supreme. Tao is not confused.