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October 30, 2010

Every Dog Has Its Day

They say every dog has its day. When our day comes, how will we know? Who will tell us it has arrived? Is it possible to have more than one day? If we are one with Tao, the answer is yes. Every day is a wonder, a learning experience, a potential treasure we can unlock.

We know some day we shall die. That day is closer than you think. Death waits to put its icy fingers on our shoulders. It is most important to make the most of our time here before our next journey. We waste so much time on so many trivial things, things that we deem important but at the end of day, are superfluous.

Do you wonder why we are here? About the stars? The moon and sun? Interesting topics perhaps, but more important to just appreciate every day life and events. Our place is insignificant, yet of great importance. We must know how this is possible to be in harmony. Small things sometimes tell very large stories.