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October 31, 2010

Balance of Universe

One who takes whatever Tao sends with smile has learned life's hardest lesson. Life not fair. Fair is for children. Sun does not always shine on same back. Rain does not only fall on one back. Sun and rain epitome of balance of universe. Most rain that falls is what we have created ourselves by unwise decisions and/or actions.

Envy most dangerous state of mind. Wanting what you cannot get very harmful too. Getting what you want sometimes worst possible event also. Farmers complain about no rain and then complain about too much rain. Strip away these thoughts and appreciate all that you have and in some cases what you do not. Man working in fields very grateful for food weather to harvest his crop in.

You can handle what comes your way. You have the inner strength to do so. You have the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching to guide you. You need only discover this strength. It comes through belief and practice. You are far stronger and more resourceful than you probably think.