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September 30, 2010

All Around You

Chasing after pleasure and desires like keeping fish, does not stand test of time. No need to chase pleasure. Wisdom of Tao gives plenty of pleasure and there is no need to chase. Tao already here. Pleasure comes from living in harmony with universe.

Looking for harmony and peace in outside world like man who tries to catch steak dinner in ocean. Peace comes from within, harmony from following teachings of Tao. Life much simpler when this is done. Peace lies within the person walking this path, not from unreliable sources.

Greatest treasure not locked away or hiding. It is in front of you, behind you, and inside of you. It is all around you just waiting for you to discover it. Wisdom of Tao like endless well that never runs dry. Water from well of Tao guaranteed to quench thirst and bring contentment and peace.