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April 4, 2009


I saw a large dragonfly trapped inside the room. I grasped its tail gently and started walking over to the door to free it. Before I got there, it bent its body around and started to bite my finger. At first I was somewhat miffed. How dare this creature bite me when I am trying to help it. Of course the bite was more of a little pinch and not painful.

I realized though that this creature had no idea of my intentions and was just acting naturally, to protect itself. We too misjudge intentions. How often do we dislike a teacher or supervisor who is hard on us, thinking that they seek only to make our lives miserable? Yet, their motive may be to bring out the best in us and as a result, improve us. Others may show kindness, yet have an ulterior motive, one that is not noble.

Do not just see into the eyes of another, seek instead to see into their hearts.