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February 8, 2009

What Color Is The Chameleon?

Two people were arguing about the color of a chameleon. One said, 'The chameleon on that palm-tree is red.' The other, contradicting him, said, 'You are mistaken, it is not red, but blue.' Not being able to convince the other of their viewpoints, both went to a sage who always sat under that tree and had watched the chameleon repeatedly.
One of the men said, 'Sir, is not the chameleon on that tree red color?' The sage replied, 'Yes, sir.' The other disputant said, 'What do you say? How is it? It is not red, it is blue.' The sage once again humbly replied, 'Yes, sir.' The sage knew that the chameleon is an animal that constantly changes its color; thus it was that he said 'yes' to both these conflicting statements. The yin and yang also change colors. What is yin today may be yang tomorrow and vice-versa. If you look close enough, yang is made of yin and yin is made of yang. It is a state of flux, ebb and flow.