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October 3, 2007

Kalu Rinpoche

I would like to relate the story of Kalu Rinpoche. He died in 1989 and the following from The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying relates the following story.

Rinpoche himself tried to sit up, and had difficulty to do so. Lama Gyaltsen, feeling that this was perhaps the time and that not to sit up could create an obstacle for Rinpoche, supported Rinpoche’s back as he sat up. Rinpoche wanted to sit absolutely straight, both saying this and indicating this with a gesture of his hand. The doctor and nurse were upset by this, and so Rinpoche relaxed his posture slightly. He, nevertheless, assumed mediation posture…Rinpoche placed his hands in meditation posture, his open eyes gazed outwards in meditation gaze, and his lips moved softly. A profound feeling of peace and happiness settled on us all and spread through our minds. All of us present felt that the indescribable happiness that was filling us was the faintest reflectons of what was pervading Ripoche’s mind…Slowly Rinpoche’s gaze and his eyelids lowered and the breath stopped.

This is such a powerful and beautiful story. I too, hope to pass on to the next journey and leave this one in the meditation posture.