February 8, 2017

Howie Morenz/The Yin and the Yang

A four-time Stanley Cup winner and a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, Howie Morenz saw his career come to a premature and unexpected end in 1937…he was considered to be one of the first stars of the fledging National Hockey League... he was known as a strong and fast skater and was an accomplished goal scorer…he was one of the original 9 inductees to the Hall of Fame…his last game was against the Chicago Black Hawks…he went after the puck in the Chicago end while being chased by a defenseman… Morenz lost his balance and fell to the ice…he crashed into the boards and caught his left skate in the wooden siding... the Chicago player was unable to stop and hit him with full force…it is said that the impact snapped Morenz's left leg in four places and created a noise heard throughout the rink…as he left the ice it is said he sobbed “I’m finished”…while recuperating from his leg injury, he started complaining of chest pains and at around 11:30 pm one night, Morenz tried to get out of bed but collapsed on the floor and died minutes before his wife and coach arrived to visit... he was only 34…yin can flip to yang in a heartbeat, or in this case, a crash into the boards.

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